It’s a home like a castle, except far more comfy.  

They Don’t Build Them Like This Anymore.
(They didn’t even build them like this then)

Walker Tower is not an ordinary building—it is a unique colossus, a heroic structure of the Art Deco building boom of the 1920’s lavishly refurbished today with the ultimate in contemporary amenities and technological features.

Built to industrial strength in 1929, it is a super-building, a triumph of the days when modernism was young and ambitious, engineering was monumental, and the future was an inspiration.

While today’s buildings are marvels of engineering in their own way, built to precise tolerances, Walker Tower was overbuilt by engineers still smarting from the Titanic. It was designed to stand for centuries, to meet any challenges that the future might bring. The designers made their calculations with slide rules and then doubled down.