The Ultimate Indoor Atmosphere


The Ultimate Indoor Atmosphere
(That’s no hot air!)

Due to the extraordinary structure of the building, combined with the latest in museum-quality HVAC systems, you will not be heating your neighbors’ residences.

In a departure from common city residential practice, Walker Tower systems such as kitchen exhausts and clothes dryer exhausts ventilate directly to the outside of the building.

All exhaust mechanisms communicate with the intake mechanisms, and for every cubic centimeter of air removed from the residence, a new cubic centimeter of fresh air is introduced, resulting in optimal performance and the freshest, healthiest interior atmosphere.

All ventilation equipment is low velocity and virtually silent.

All mechanical systems are practically invisible but are placed for optimum accessibility for service or alterations.

Steam generators inside the ductwork system constantly and automatically modify the humidity content of the air. This is the same system museums use to provide the ideal atmosphere for sensitive artworks, furniture collections, and, of course, human health.

You will be in complete control of your own environment; once you make a decision, the systems will run themselves with superb efficiency.