Cetra/CRI Architecture PLLC

Cetra/CRI Architecture PLLC had the challenge of transforming Ralph Walker’s 1929 office building for New York Telephone Company into luxury residences for the 21st century and beyond. John Cetra, co-founder of Cetra/CRI Architecture PLLC, explained, “Our aim was to create a seamless connection between Walker Tower’s outstanding pedigree and its newness. We began our design process by making the best use of its extraordinary virtues—large expansive spaces, unimpeded and unmatched views of the theater that is Manhattan in all directions, enormous outdoor spaces and its solid masonry construction. The large deep floor plates allowed us to concentrate on the principles we believe most important in architecture and good living spaces: perfect proportions, ample proportions, renaissance quality proportions.” With these principles, Cetra choreographed the experience of moving from the street through the lobby, to the elevators and hallways, and ultimately to the residences. Cetra continued, “We greatly admire Walker’s original Art Deco entrance of nickel and brass sunbursts and electrical motifs. We extended this aesthetic into the lobby through a rich experience of materials. Even Fred Astaire would not seem out of step in such a space.”